How to add your directory to our lists

If you have a web directory and you want to add it to our web directory lists please contact me via the contact form : . The message must include :

  1. directory url
  2. directory type (general, niche, etc)
  3. submissions type : free, paid, reciprocal

We usually update the directory lists every 2-3 weeks, please be patient if your directory does not show up immediately.

In order to get more visitors to your directory would be good if you could add our free directory list to your website.

A. You can add a link to us in your partner section or on your site sidebar. Please make it nofollow, thanks.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target”_blank” title=”WebmasterBay Free Directory List”>WebmasterBay Free Directory List</a>

or B. You can link via one of our images :

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target”_blank” title=”WebmasterBay Free Directory List”><img src=”please save one of our banners and upload it on your site” /></a>

Banners :

webmasterbayapproved-80x80 webmasterbayapproved-125x125 webmasterbayapproved-150x150

We get more visitors, your site gets more visitors via other directories in list, everybody is happy. Thanks!


  1. Whether you are importing or exporting Dafof General Business Directory designed to help you sell your products and services to customers all over the world, the Business Marketplace Directory offering online access to a wide variety of information about shopping and goods, suppliers, sellers and manufacturers to improve the aspect, visibility and accessibility of your local and international business opportunities.

    1. Author

      Your directory has 2 approved links and few categories. I will check it again in 2 weeks when the free directory list update is scheduled, and add it.

  2. Please add my PR 5 directory site to your list.


    Site Type:

    Submission Type:


    1. Author

      i can’t add it as seems not functional, a blank page.

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